The largest Wine Fair in Serbia and one of the most important ones in the region

One of the most expansive production branches in Serbia – wine manufacturing and distribution, has been presented at Belgrade Fair since 2010, at BeoWine Fair.

By continuous enhancement of the program and organization sections, by long term plan and strategic work the planned projections have been accomplished and the event positioned itself in its genre as the most important event in Serbia and the region.

It is focused to the business oriented visitors and at the same time attractive for the general ones, wine culture and tourism fans.

BeoWine is at present the irreplaceable venue for the sales of famous and new wine tastes. The participants at the Fair are the most respected local and regional wine manufacturers, wine cellars, wine companies and those distributing ‘The Gods’ Drink’ and the offer includes state of the art equipment for wine manufacturing and vine growing.

BeoWine – a new concept and the expanded exhibiting space

The event starting the wine season, BeoWine will last 4 days on February 20 – 23, in the expanded exhibiting space at the Halls 3 and 3A, and it will be marked, in addition to the new concept, also by a significant number of new participants and business visitors.

Gastronomic Section at the Wine Fair

Wine Fair will provide contribution to the continuous improving in food and drink coordination by the program section with the participating of the manufacturers of superb cheese, ham and meat products, olive oil and other gastronomic specialties.

Serbia on the Global Wine Map

The Fair atmosphere is an irreplaceable ambient where the clear picture of wine map of Serbia is shown to the international participants and visitors, the best products with a long tradition and the readiness to sell at the global scene.

With all conditions to become an important destination at the global wine map, Serbia shows vitality for the improvement of the economic branches of fruit production and agriculture and the commercial aspect, necessary for the products higher expansion.

BeoWine Fair causes an increasing interest annually and in its new edition it keeps pace with the global trend – wine consuming expansion, wine culture and tourism promotion, in order to induce the development of wine manufacturing and vine growing.

The event is an opportunity for the manufacturers to meet, join the network of distributors and enter new markets. With the organizer’s attempt to improve the business visit, the attractive offer promotion provides contribution to the high quality of the participants’ presentation and their business image.

Tasting Rooms – for the first time at the Fair

The rule of a good estimation of wine quality requires that in the tasting rooms the atmosphere shall be prepared that does not take the experts’ attention. They will enjoy this year in the special tasting rooms, with all senses, to the objective estimation of the wine aroma and taste.

Event Co-Organizers

Srpsko vino

The Association of Wine Manufacturers and Vine Growers of Serbia – business entity Serbian Wine.