Hiking is a recreational activity selected by the outdoor and physical activity fans. This is a firm of walking and, in addition to hiking, there is trekking, as well. The expressions hiking and trekking are English and there no quite appropriate expressions in Serbian language to explain the essential meaning of these activities. Trekking would be hiking for several days and understands walking in mountain or rural areas. It may also understand overnight staying outdoors, usually in a tent, mountain cabin or hovel.

For the people who practice hiking, this is a form of relaxation, research and natural beauties enjoying. It may be practiced by anyone, whose medical condition is not disturbed by walking and climbing. Another advantage is it is not limited by the age. However, since this is several hours and kilometers long walking on the diverse terrain, those who would like to try hiking have to bear in mind a few advices.

In order to make hiking most pleasant and safe, you have to have adequate equipment. In some situations a good equipment may help you overcoming mode demanding terrains and at the same time help you saving energy. The most significant item on the list, if you think of hiking, are hiking boots, i.e. specially designed mountain footwear. In addition to this, you have to have the proper garments that take sweat and are easy to dry, to make it always warm enough for you. Always take headlamps with you and spare batteries. Moving on the high slopes will be facilitated also by sticks. Of course, a backpack with water and food necessary for that day is understood. Depending upon the terrain, the season and the length of staying outdoors, the necessary equipment list may be also longer. Thus, it is necessary to talk to the guide in advance. If you want to go hiking alone, you have to know the orientation outdoors, have the topographic map and the compass.

There are more than 175 mountaineering associations and clubs in Serbia. On the website of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia you may find those in your neighborhood. Becoming a member of a mountaineering association, you are entitled to the participation in the mountaineering actions of any mountaineering association or club and any mountaineering club prepares annual programs of the mountaineering activities with diverse features of picnics, climbing, mountaineering competitions in Serbia and abroad.