According to the World Tourism Organization City Break tourism is one of the most popular tourism forms in the world.

According to their data, almost 50 percent of travels are related to City Breaks and visits to the cities. This tourism form understands the guests stay at a destination (cities) for one to four days and it is usually the second, third or fourth holiday in a year.

Eight parameters estimate a city as the City Break destination: accessibility (which understands the transport way to the destination, as well as a popular price of this service), a good product, the accommodation prices and extra costs, information system and method, gastronomic offer, kind hosts, the climate and the easy walking around the city.

Also the additional criteria enhancing the city brand as a City Break destination are the pride and personality of people, diversity (original style), politics an the business climate, events, the city location, attractions and the value of the additional discussions.

The value of the additional discussions is most frequently mentioned in the polls and it is related to the recommendations of the friends and relatives who had stayed at the destination.

The three points expected by the tourists from the City Break are:

  1. To learn something new – most tourists are interested in finding out as much as possible when they arrive about the cultural / historical offer, but also about the recent history and the way of living.
  2. To have a good time – meaning high quality tasteful food, drinks and a plentiful offer of catering facilities.
  3. To include in the local culture – hospitality may be one of the destination trumps, since the international guests want to make contacts easy and friendship with the local population.

At the Tourism Fair in Belgrade, separate stands have got so far the city destinations Zagreb, Kavala, Novi Sad, Novi Pazar, Jagodina, Despotovac, Kragujevac, Valjevo, Kraljevo, Belgrade and many others.