The largest and by far the most significant tourist event both home and in Southeast Europe – the 42nd Belgrade International Tourism Fair followed by its accompanying events, wine fairs, hotel and catering equipment, souvenirs, will provide the best overview of popular trends in tourism industry, and thus broaden new horizons concerning its development.With its long tradition and regional reputation enjoyed by participants and visitors alike, it is without a doubt one of the most successful manifestations of Belgrade Fair and trademark of the city of Belgrade.

This year, the fair has drawn the attention of even more exhibitors, business visitors and wide audience due to its high organizational and professional skills.

Under the slogan “Hit the Road” – Fantastic Travel Deals and New Destinations

Fully available Belgrade Exhibition Center will host the most prominent travel agencies, alliances and organizations, hotels, tourist centers, airline companies, international tour operators between 20 and 23 February 2020 that will promote the latest trends and developments in an international tourism industry, as well as new concepts and travel opportunities, and new horizons concerning tourism business development.

Belgrade Tourism Fair has entered its fifth decade of existence as a leading tourist event in this part of Europe and the world, and year after year it has been gathering large numbers of exhibitors, participants, visitors, businessmen and businesswomen from across the globe with common business goals and interests, and thus connecting both supply and demand.

As a modern European commercial fair, the event continues to grow and contributes to the development and promotion of tourism in an authentic and creative way.

Participants at Tourism Fair

This year, Tourism Fair will be hosting more than 700 direct exhibitors and co-exhibitors from 40 countries, and coupled with business guests the number of participating countries will amount to 44. In total, over 900 exhibitors will be attending the fair.

This year, Slovakia and Kenya will be attending Tourism Fair for the first time.

Partner country of 2020 Tourism Fair: Egypt

The partner country of this year’s Tourism Fair is Egypt, a country that attracts visitors from all over the world with its distinctive travel deals. Hall 1 of Belgrade Fair measuring 200m2 will focus on the concept of several tourist attractions: numerous destinations on the Red Sea, diving in Sharm el Sheikh, diverse and delicious gastronomic offer, as well as the opening of a new museum near the pyramids. Through this partnership, Serbia and Egypt continue to promote otherwise close tourism co-operation.

Tourism – among the fastest growing economic branches in Serbia

Last year, more than 3.5 million tourists visited Serbia, meaning that foreign exchange inflow exceeded 1.4 billion Euros, whilst domestic tourism continued to grow. The constant perennial growth trend and record trend means that 2020 will even be better when it comes to tourism results.

This exceptionally high tourism influence on the overall economic and social development of our country, as well as the importance of all organizations and individuals contributing to its development, is reflected in the performances and programs at Tourism Fair.

The significance of the fair for the Serbian economy was backed up by the active participation of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, governmental authorities and other organizations. During the fair, interstate cooperation agreements are traditionally entered, for which reason a significant number of business arrangements and agreements are reached.

First Minute Travel Deals – Exclusive Fair Discounts between 5 and 50 percent

For all those looking forward to the summer of 2020 with great anticipation, we may say with certainty that Tourism Fair is the right place that encourages you to go on new journeys and reveal new destinations that are just being promoted in Serbia, whilst visitors can become acquainted with the comprehensive and premier offer of popular resorts and hotels, and obtain great discounts right there on the spot, where they can also compare prices and decide on their ideal holiday.

Announced discounts range between 5 and 50 percent, depending on travel agency and destination, whilst multiple-benefit packages often play a crucial role in choosing a destination, especially for families with many children.

The comprehensive fair offer will allow visitors to choose their own trips that will best suit their needs: tempting first-minute summer holiday deals, arrangements for the current winter season, rest and recovery in spas and mountains, family trips, youth trips – youth tourism, spa weekends, distant and exotic destinations, cruises, city break offer, congress events…

Aside from airline tickets for the whole world, travel agencies will also be offering travel deals for the 1st of May and Easter holidays, vacations on farms, organized regattas, rafting, as well as all tourist “genres” that are currently in expansion.

Exhibition concept:

Hall 1 will house travel agencies, foreign travel organizations, Egypt partner country, foreign exhibitors, airline companies. Hall 1A will promote youth tourism, urban/adventure and manifestation tourism.

Aside from travel agencies, hall 2 at level A will host insurance companies, faculties and colleges engaged in the field of tourism and catering.

Participants at the BeoWine Fair will greet you warmly in Halls 3 and 3A.

Hall 4 will host domestic tourism – Serbian Tourism Organization, Tourist Organization of Belgrade, tourist organizations of Serbian cities, professional associations, mountains, spas, lakes, isolated farms, whilst halls 2B and 2C will showcase both hotel and catering equipment at HORECA-EQUIPMENT Fair.

B2B business portal and large numbers of professional tourism representatives – this year again at Tourism Fair

With constant efforts to improve the commercial aspect of the fair – the sale of travel deals and the most effective presentation of the exhibitors’ offers, the Belgrade Fair is continuously focused on strengthening business visits, improving business meetings and mutual contacts between local businessmen and professionals from across the globe, who have been successfully operating in tourism industry for many years now.

At this year’s Tourism Fair, the Hosted buyer programs and numerous B2B activities are being implemented followed by the organized arrival of professional tourism representatives and customers from the region, Europe and the world.

The business B2B portal is available and intended for registration of both exhibitors and business visitors and their mutual networking at the fair organized in cooperation with business partners of the Tourism Fair, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and European Entrepreneurship Network. The B2B portal is also open to media representatives (provided they hold a PIN and a registration number), by which they can schedule their meetings and interviews with participants and guests of the fair.

Aside from the portal, this year a special space has been set aside for the organization of “B2B Meetings” between business visitors and exhibitors, as well as between exhibitors themselves. Meetings will be held in a special area in Hall 1: on Thursday, 20 February 2020 between 12:00 and 17:00, and Friday, 21 February 2020 between 10:00 and 17:00.

Belgrade Fair has also enabled special benefit packages for business visitors and guests at this year’s Toursim Fair.

Serbia – a host of Tourism Fair

Serbia has been positioned as a favorite and unavoidable destination in this part of Europe for many years now with a constant increase in the number of overnight stays and arrivals, which is especially true of Belgrade.

The latest figures show that Serbia is among the top five countries in Europe to record the highest growth in foreign tourist arrivals, and for the first time the number of domestic and foreign tourists has become equal.

The offer regarding local destinations and attractions at the fair includes the capacities of hotels and resorts of tourist centers, while natural beauties, various facilities for rest, entertainment, health recovery, sports, recreation and adventure are part of tourist assets by which Serbia thrives on the tourist market.

Tourism Fair is an opportunity to promote tourism infrastructure development projects and incentives for travel agencies in Serbia to bring in foreign tourists in an organized manner.

Since Serbia enjoys the reputation of a good host, we can say with certainty that guests from all over the world as well as domestic ones enjoy themselves here, whilst domestic ones are opting more and more to spend their holidays in their own country.

Tourism Organization of Serbia (TOS)

At this year’s fair, Tourism Organization of Serbia will present itself with the new slogan entitled “Pick Your Adventure!#visitserbia” by applying new technologies in line with the world trends. Visitors will be able to step into the most beautiful parts of Serbia with the help of kaleiTOScope, as well as to make a short-term tattoo with Serbia’s tourist motifs.

The TOS exhibition stand will host an exhibition of the National Museum, which is only a part of the large exhibition entitled “100 Years of Trebenište”. In cooperation with the Institute for Nature Conservation, educational workshops on “Learning about Nature” and “Nature Conservation” will be organized for children, as well as a knowledge quiz. The second edition of the Catalog of Rural Tourist Households will be published for the fair, and there will be many surprises in store for the visitors.

During Tourism Fair, TOS will also be organizing the 16th Souvenir Fair entitled “Visit Serbia”. At 30 exhibition stands, visitors will be able to see and buy souvenirs from all parts of Serbia.

Tourist Organization of Belgrade (TOB)

Tourist Organization of Belgrade will promote Belgrade’s travel deals at Tourism Fair which are being continuously enhanced. As an already well-established business “city break“ destination, Belgrade is also appealing for investments, congresses and seminars, as well as a city of culture, sports, good energy, shopping and entertainment.

Expert Accompanying Program – Renowned Lecturers and New Toursim Trends

All-day events, a whole host of interactive contents, presentations, promotions, conferences, and tastings will make this year’s large fair event equally attractive to business visitors and the general public.

Renowned lecturers with their theoretical and practical knowledge, and through their educational presentations, will provide visitors with the new experience and knowledge and thus awaken their desire to travel by discovering new destinations and tasting top quality wines and gastronomic specialties from all regions.

Don’t miss out on special guests and learn more about the new trends in tourism industry:

Three Ladies at Toursim Fair, lectures will be held in the English Language:

  • Ivana Neskovic, STR, The United Kingdom;
    Topic: Southeast European Hotel Performance Analysis 2019: What Do the Numbers Tell Us About the Performance of Hotels and Regional Destinations in 2019?
  • Charlotte Noel, Travel Rebel, Belgium;
    Topic: How Can you Travel in a More Sustainable Manner?
  • Vicky Karantzavelou, Travel Daily News, Greece
    Topic: New Media versus Traditional Media workshops have been organized with the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Traditionally, in parallel with the Tourism Fair, another three renowned fair events will be taking place as well, which grow year after year in both the scope and numbers of participants: The 11th International BeoWine Fair, 16th HORECA-EQUIPMENT International Hotela and Catering Equipment Fair and 16th “Visit Serbia“ Fair.

Visitors to Tourism, Wine, Catering and Souvenir Fairs, aside from exclusive fair benefits, selection of travel and holiday destinations, will also be enjoying the flavors and aromas of gastronomic offers, specialties of this region, as well as the taste of best wines, brandies, drinks, and will have the chance to buy wonderful handmade souvenirs from across Serbia.

Presentations at exhibition stands, demonstrations of catering skills on the state-of-the-art equipment followed by product tastings, are the reason why visitors are waiting for this irreplaceable and extraordinary event with great anticipation every February.

Under the domes of Belgrade Fair, at the largest tourist fair in the region, all languages of the world are spoken and thus promote the most beautiful values of cultures, people and customs, and affirm the rich symbolism of travel!

We are kindly inviting you to come and help us send the most beautiful picture of Belgrade Fair to the world in the days before us, so let us become more acquainted with each other at tourism, wine and hospitality fairs!

Media accreditation:

Both the public and the media nurture a special attitude towards Tourism Fair as an irreplaceable tourist event. Since this event is followed by many every year, the fair awards accreditations to around 1,000 journalists from about twenty countries.

You may send your media accreditation request by e-mail

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Event working hours:

Thursday, 20, Friday 21 and Saturday 22 February between 10:00 and 19:00 and Sunday, 23 February between 10:00 and 18:00.

Entry tickets:

Individual ticket price totals RSD 400.00, whilst group tickets RSD 300.00. Family ticket price shall be charged RSD 800.00 (parents with children under the age of 16). Parking fee shall be collected in the amount of RSD 200.00 an hour.