Families plan their holidays to meet the wishes and needs of “alpha generation”, for which reason it is important to attract this significant tourist traffic branch and discover what these little ones love as in the near future this will be the largest group of tourists

Alpha kids are children born after the year 2010, who are glued to the screen, are online all the time, so although the mother is the key figure when it comes to deciding where to travel, the whole family plans every vacation that suits the wishes of the youngest member. A study presented at the London Travel Trade Show found that the decision of a parent, in whose home alpha child grows up, is mostly influenced by a nice picture of a family having fun, and only then the agency’s “good offer”.

By the time when the last member of the Millennium Children will have been born in 2025, the “Alpha Generation” will number 2.5 billion people and will have a greater impact on tourism compared to Millennials and the Generation Z combined together! More precisely, they are already influencing where families travel.

As many as 95 percent said the main motive for travelling was “hanging out with family,” whilst 85 percent of parents said they chose destinations with amusement parks. This generation of children travels at least three times a year, with 6.9 days set aside for vacations. They go twice a year on a short vacation in their home country and once abroad. Half of them travel by plane and the rest by car.

Families with alpha kids travel three times a year and are online all the time, staying at hotels and not going on trips. In a nutshell, this is how a family with a member of the alpha generation travels. If you are an exhibitor at the Tourism Fair 2020, bear in mind this fact and create an offer that will suit this target group as well.