North Macedonia invites tourists to a journey of authentic highly- personalized experiences and we encourage them to expose themselves to the many choices that we offer and that we can spoil them with.

North Macedonia is attractive in terms of authenticity and uniqueness, value for money, the wide-array of travel choices we offer and the sense of safety, friendliness and hospitality our visitors experience. All these factors combined, make North Macedonia a top choice.

The exquisite landscape, rich history and culture are the timeless elements which we maintain with the utmost respect in terms of sustainable tourism, and which we enhance as we develop new tourism products of special interest.

Travelling around North Macedonia is a never-ending experience, and this is why many of our visitors return more than once to visit the same one or more places. The culinary routes across the country have set the path for an extraordinary lifetime journey, where one becomes familiar with the culture, entwines with the locals and gains highly personalized experiences. Gastronomy is strongly embedded in our history and culture, distinct in taste and pure in its essence, with our locally-grown fresh products and it’s also a daily habit that promotes healthy lifestyle, wellness and longevity.

Traveling through the country, nature surprise you every few minutes by offering unexpected and completely different land-scapes, giving you the impression of having covered thousands of kilometers – in an hour’s ride you can trade skis for swimming suit.

Taste the rhythm of tradition and the unique flavours of North Macedonia. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes with clean waters and pristine mountain eco-regions, which will take your breath away. Immerse yourselves in the intimacy offered by the village Trpejca on the shore of Lake Ohrid, where the light reflects from the rocks and penetrates deeply into the shiny lake water.

North Macedonia is a country where the echo of the past merges with the sounds of the present each and every day. Let your heart pound with the rhythm of the traditional drum and the piercing sound of the traditional zurla at the famous Galichnik wedding. Let your soul be united with the soul of the traditional folk songs and dances.

North Macedonia is a country of gourmands. Experience amazing range of flavors that will increase your appetite from the mere the first bite. A country of pristine wines from the time of Alexander the Great and the centennial tradition of fish dishes such as the famous endemic Ohrid trout.

Different foods have been prepared and served at different periods of time. But, one thing has not changed for more than thousands of years – the best homemade wine in the Balkans is always from North Macedonia. Cheers!

North Macedonia, a country of endlessly blue lakes, pristine high mountain peaks, multitude of colours and amazing landscapes, rich in natural reserves, unexplored caves and canyons. Feel the beauty of the 4-million-year old Ohrid Lake protected by UNESCO as natural heritage, with 200 endemic water species including the famous Ohrid trout.

In two hours driving distance from the capital town is located Macedonia’s most celebrated spot, the nation’s pride and joy – the town of Ohrid. The town is under double protection of UNESCO, as a natural and as a cultural heritage. Ohrid is one of the oldest reimbursements in Macedonia and one of the oldest human settlements in Europe with its origin that dates back to the antique period as a part of Via Egnatia road. The town is home to 365 churches from 17th and 19th century what makes it “Jerusalem on the Balkans”.

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