The nationals of Serbia travel increasingly and in the last summer season they spent abroad even 14.5 percent more money than last year!

According to the data of National Bank of Serbia, the tourists from Serbia spent abroad 1,063 million Euros. Thus, Belgrade Tourism Fair is definitely the first and right place for the local travel agencies and international exhibitors to present their offers.

Most of the money, 392 million Euros, was spent by the tourists from Serbia in Greek summer resorts at the Aegean Sea. Turkish Riviera, particularly Antalya, are again at the second place of the most popular destinations of Serbian tourists, since Turkish tourism staff earned even 125 million Euros.

The fact Serbian tourists like City Break destinations is confirmed by the figure they spent 65 million Euros in Germany. In this country Serbian tourists spent the New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays, but also the 1st of May and Eastern ones, since they spent most of the money just in January and May.

At the fourth place of the most popular destinations is Italy, where Serbian guests “left” 62 million Euros. This country offers a combined holiday. Thus, most of the money was spent in April, i.e. May and July, at the time of summer holidays.

Montenegro is at the fifth place with the income of 50 million Euros. It is interesting Serbian guests spend their summer holidays at the Adriatic Coast mostly in August, whole their number in June is twice lower.