Last year more than 3.5 million tourists visited Serbia, meaning that foreign exchange inflow exceeded 1.4 billion Euros, whilst domestic tourism continued to grow.

Constant growth trend occurring year after year and a record breaking visits show that 2020 will be even better for Serbian tourism.

Lonely Planet, one of the most popular travel portals and publishers of tour guides in the world, ranked Serbia among top 10 places to visit in 2020. Leading Chinese travel magazine – Voyage has proclaimed Serbia a destination with the highest tourism potential, and this recognition was given to Serbia by Chinese social network Weibo.

Last year, Serbia made its first appearance on the Indian market – at two very significant events in Mumbai and New Delhi.

Owing to the effective promotion of Serbia in China, an extraordinary project of joint participation of Serbia and Montenegro worth EUR 340,000 has been executed, which the European Tourism Commission has so generously accepted to fund. The project is aimed at promoting Serbia on distant markets of China, the USA and Canada in 2020.

This year, the first recognition has already arrived – “China Travel Agent Magazine”, one of the most relevant travel magazines providing all necessary information for China’s tourism industry, has declared Serbia to be one of the most promising destinations in that country.

In 2020, an intensive promotional campaign at the global and local level will continue. Following the latest trends in tourism and by recognizing the importance of the internet for today’s tourists, an intense campaign is being planned on social networks and other digital communication channels.

Serbia’s Tourism Organization will promote Serbia on the world’s leading media such as the BBC, a campaign on Trip Advisor, Chinese social networks and portals will continue, whilst a very meaningful campaign is being planned through organization of different events taking place across Serbia and the region.

In 2020, Serbia will prevail on the markets of Russia, Turkey, UAE, as well as in the USA, due to direct flight enabled by Air Serbia – Belgrade – New York. TOS has also returned to Madrid Fair because Serbia also provides a direct flight from Belgrade to the said city. Promotional activities will continue to grow with the same intensity when it comes to other EU countries, as well as when it comes to countries of former Yugoslavia and the region, since the majority of tourists are coming exactly from these markets to visit and experience Serbia.

National Tourism Organization of Serbia will exhibit at Hall 4 of Belgrade Fair.