Tour de Fruska, a unique three-day event of sports character, intended for all lovers of nature, healthy life, cycling and sport in general, will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of May in Vrdnik, the sunniest place in Vojvodina.

At the slopes of Fruska gora, a place known for clean mountain air, long tracks, thermal waters and spa tourism, top notch wellness & spa hotels and pools with thermal waters, where the developed tourism sector, nature and a great location – are an ideal combination for maintaining this event of big significance for the Vojvodina Province and the tourism of Serbia.

The first international hybrid event of recreational e – cycling in Serbia is divided in three categories and combines sports, tourism and economy.

The sport part is reserved for a MTB marathon of recreational character, E-Bike, Grand Prize of Vrdnik, Eliminator race, TDF Invictus Trail race, Gas Gas race for youngest competitors as well as a promotional TDL road ride.

The rich following program includes a Nigh Bazaar in the presence of a large number of businessmen from Vojvodina, as well as the presentation of cultural events, sights and sites on stands of tourist organizations. This is an opportunity for all to enjoy in their favorite hobbies and activities, to compete in professional and recreational races, to pass on to the younger generations the love towards an active lifestyle and towards being in nature and raise awareness of the natural and tourist potential of the region. This event will contribute to a better positioning of Fruska gora on the tourist market.

You can find the program at the organizer’s website: