For as long as it has existed under the names of Novi Sad /Újvidék/ Neusatz, the city has been the space of diverse and rich cultural heritage of many ethnicities. Tangible and intangible cultural heritage that has been created during the past three centuries, is the foundation of an interactive network of scientific and cultural institutions, which makes modern Novi Sad the space of dynamic meeting of cultures and diverse identities. It is the city of museums, galleries, and events among which is the EXIT Music Festival, which has won multiple rewards and gained international recognition.

Recently, the programmes and events belonging to a new cultural matrix in addition to more traditional culture are emerging – those taking more avant-garde and alternative shapes. For a decades their epicentre was the Student Cultural Centre at the Chinese Quarter. A new creative energy that is here generated contributed to the development of ideas and activities that won the titles of the European Youth Capital 2019 and European Capital of Culture 2022.

Novi Sad also attracts the visitors with its neatness and cosy position by the Petrovaradin Fortress, the different languages spoken by its inhabitants, and the rhythm untypical for hasty and chaotic pace of an urban community. The old town is rich in baroque, neo-Renaissance, classicistic and Bauhaus buildings, and offers picnic sites, preserved eco-systems and a complex of Orthodox monasteries settled in the territory of the National Park Fruška Gora. The farmsteads (farmhouses), fish restaurants (čardas) and wine routes at the outskirts of Novi Sad provide the visitors with the opportunity to experience all the richness of gastronomy and rural customs.

Novi Sad is the city that provides the visitors with the agenda of unbelievably rich content within both its urban nucleus and rural surroundings. Each visitor, according to their sensibilities for nice and pleasant, attractive and joyful, useful and accessible can create their own experience while learning about all the layers of the past and present of Novi Sad.

Novi Sad, the city on the Danube, the city with the European history and tradition and Balkan hospitality is the experience that is not to be missed.

The Belgrade tourism fair will be the place where the Tourist Organization of the city of Novi Sad will present the beauties of the city.