Foreigners assigned Belgrade with a moderate “B” grade

Every second foreigner sleeps in a hotel, travels with his/her girlfirend/boyfriend and family, whilst the motive for coming is most certainly entertainmnet.

An average tourist visiting Belgrade is 44 years old, and either travels with his/her girlfirend/boyfriend or family and stays 3.6 nights at a four-star hotel.

According to an annual survey conducted by the Business Association of Hotel and Restaurant-HORES on satisfaction of foreign guests in Belgrade, the conclusion was drawn that around 77 percent of foreign tourists will be visiting Serbia for the first time ever, whilst 87 percent would warmly recommend the Serbian capital.

As many as 53 percent of foreign guests arrive in the Serbian capital by plane, other 55 percent received information online, whereas 17 percent of them came to Belgrade owing to a friend’s recommendation. The key motive for coming is most certainly entertainment, which was answered by 77 percent of them, and only 14 percent came on business. Almost half of them, around 42 percent, come on a short vacation with their partner, whilst 23 percent of them bring children.

As many as 54% of them sleep in a hotel, 55% ofthem choose a 4-star hotel, whilst 35% make a reservation in person. More than half of them – 57.5 percent are employed, 17.6 percent are pensioners, whilst only 13 percent of them are students. Aside from transportation and accommodation costs, tourist they spend € 68 per day on average on outside accomodation services.

– We are most pleased with the fact that all services were assigned with a grade higher than B – Mr. Georgi Genov, a Director of the Business Association of Hotel & Restaurant, said. – It is also great that tourists are our best advertisement because more than 85 percent would recommend Belgrade to everyone.