More than 650 direct exhibitors and co-exhibitors from 40 countries presented their tourist offer and accommodation capacities, culture and customs, wines and specialties under the slogan “Summer is Closer than You Think” in Belgrade Fair halls. Together, over 900 exhibitors and 64,619 visitors participated in all four events.

This year, Belgrade and Serbia also hosted exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. Click on the link below to find out what was it like at the fair, who left the event feeling satisfied, and who left the event hoping that next time will be better.

In order to improve both organization and promotion of this international fair event, the Belgrade Fair conducted a survey during the fair. Visitors (business people and citizens) as well as exhibitors at the fair were surveyed. We would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to better organization of 2019 fair.

This year, the 41st International Belgrade Tourism Fair was held between 21 and 24 February under the slogan “Summer is Closer than You Think.” As the Fair is engaged in tourism development in our region, the event has comprehensively presented and viewed all the aspects of tourism industry by also traditionally organizing the 10th International BeoWine Fair, which drew the attention of more participants and exhibitors this year, the 15th International Hotel-Catering Equipment HORECA-EQUIPMENT and 15th Souvenir Fair “Experience Serbia”. More than 900 exhibitors from 40 countries presented their tourist offer, culture and customs, wines and specialties that enchanted tourists and guests across all six Belgrade Fair halls.

2018.2019. *
Country participants5540
Countries exhibiting for the first time at the Fair31
Accredited journalists1.0021.026

* According to new calculation method
* In accordance with the new record standards concerning trade fair exhibitors and co-exhibitors, we will only list those who will be physically present in the future, rather than destinations, as it has been the case so far. According to last year’s benchmarks, there were over 1,250 exhibitors, co-exhibitors, destinations and other representatives of tourism industry from across 55 countries.

From both the table below and informal exchange of information between travel agencies we can conclude that specific sales were made and that the visitors came to the fair primarily for this reason. The results were measured only later and depended a lot on the activities following the fair. Certainly, the rating concerning organization itself shows visitors’ satisfaction.

As regards the exhibitors, the following table below shows their impressions. The lowest marks were given to the accompanying program, whilst an additional effort is needed to raise the business level of the fair. Certainly, the ratings concerning organization show visitor’s satisfaction.

Exhibitors’ impressions in %Rating 5Rating 4Rating 3satisfactorydissatisfactory
The speed of problem solving7315930
B2B Portal194422132
Accompanying Programs471813220
Satisfaction with establishing business contacts272531134

The interviewed exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with advertising and presentation of the event in the media. As many as 87 percent of the exhibitors surveyed gave high marks: excellent (45%), very good (35%) and good (7%), whilst satisfactory, 13%. The event was supported by media companies from both home and abroad, so this year the fair had a significant international promotion. We expect the results of this promotion in 2020 as well.

Clipping archive statistics related to trade show posts is as follows:

  • Electronic media: 162 publications
  • TV appearances, reports and broadcasts: 102
  • Print media: 111 posts

The most significant novelty at Tourism Fair 2019 was the introduction of a B2B business portal in cooperation with business partners, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the European Enterprise Network. This program has increased inter-networking and fostered business communication between local businessmen and professionals from around the world, who have been successfully operating in the field of tourism for many years now.

A total of 817 entities are registered on the B2B Business Portal. A total number of profile views and appointments on the B2B portal totalled 8,229 before and 669 after the event.

This year, Belgrade Fair created special benefit packages for both business visitors and guests at Tourism Fair. Around 195 registered meetings were held at Business Longue. Moreover, a significant number of meetings were held at exhibitors’ stands, which were arranged via the portal.

If you have already filled out your application form and registered your participation in the fair, please create or update your profile here.

If you have already decided to come to the fair as a business visitor, please create or update your profile here.

Fifty-five percent of respondents highly rated the presentation of event information on the site. Signposts and directions, as well as visitor safety, received the highest marks.

The 41st International Belgrade Tourism Fair followed by the Hotel and Catering Equipment Fair, the BEOWINE Fair and the Souvenir Fair, justified the epitome of the most successful and largest tourist event in the region for all participants and visitors according to all the stated parameters.