• You get access to the market of tens of millions of potential tourists from South East Europe.
  • You can establish direct contacts with business visitors and media representatives.
  • You get a comprehensive promotion of destinations and events, services and activities through newsletters and digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).
  • You get the opportunity to sell goods and services (first minute arrangements, early booking, professional hotel catering equipment, discounts for conferences and events, souvenirs, wine.
  • After the registration you have the access to the database and may appoint meetings with the byers and exhibitors, media companies, journalists, bloggers, etc.
  • You are in the position to follow the trends and good practices through the educational program of the Fair.
  • Because February is the right time to create promotional campaigns and realize the planned budgets of tourism organizations and the tourism industry.
  • Because Serbia and Belgrade are recognizable destinations that offer a rich cultural and entertainment program during the Fair.

Only tourism combines business and pleasure with such charm, only traveling irresistibly attracts all people on the planet.