What are your thoughts, such is your life! Saint Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Petrovac na Mlavi – a municipality with two hearts and the right choice for your weekend filled with new experiences.

You will be at the place where the grain-bearing plain of Stig and the mystical Homolje colide, where two cultures meet: Serbian and Vlachian, where the Mlava creates the Gornjak Gorge and a fertile valley, where are the roots of the first Serbian Olympian marathoner Dragutin Tomašević, where the sound of the mill wheel can still be heard and spread the scent of nature… Go exploring and discover completely new possibilities for rest, recreation and entertainment through our concept of health, adventure, adrenaline and culture. There are many options where to start, and it’s up to you to choose what is closest to your heart.

Listen to our nature and breathe in the feeling of a new adventure, because we are located only 120 kilometers from Belgrade and with excellent roads you will reach the part of Serbia that is often called the Homolje Holy Mountain. Here you will find monasteries from the 13th and 14th centuries, you will feel the energy of the Trest forest, the beauty of the Gornjak gorge will inspire you, the adrenaline of mountain trails and Via Ferrata will start… Give yourself the gift of spa and wellness in the “Mlavske Terme”, walk in the footsteps of Đura Jakšić and try our “Vlach kačamak” and cheese, honey from Kamenovo – the village of beekeepers, “žmare” from Kladurovo, trout from our rivers and local wines and brandy…

Open your heart and find the rhythm for yourself, and we guarantee that you will come back again.