When a traveler crosses the bridge on the Southern Morava some 275 kilometers of the E75 highway south of Belgrade, the municipality of Vlasotince is located just 7 kilometers to the east.

According to Turkish sources, in 1516 it was a cultural and agricultural center. It was liberated from the Turks in 1878, when it was declared a town. Many travel writers and novelists wrote about Vlasotince. Milan Rakić says, “I thought that Vlasotince was a village, or, if not exactly a village, then a small unsightly town. But I was much surprised when I entered a town that was so clean, white, polite and orderly as if it had been under Serbia for 30 years.”

A municipality of winemakers, winegrowers, builders, hardworking and humorous people. It extends in the southeastern part of Serbia in the middle and lower basin of the Vlasina river, which flows through the very center of the town, dividing it into two equally beautiful sides.

Vlasotince has repeatedly been an inexhaustible inspiration for the creation of memorable characters and series, so it is impossible to forget the legendary Šurda (Shurda) and “Vruć vetrar” (“Hot Wind”), whose filming began on the terrace of the “Grozd” Hotel.

People from Vlasotince are sincere and cheerful, hospitable and curious, so it is easy to spot everyone new, and then they get interested in who they are, why they are here, where they came from. And in fact, they just try to be good hosts, pleasant and kind, especially on the subject of Vlasotince then and now.

Our dialect is also specific, and carries a special humorous charm, and it is exactly where Siniša Pavić, a Serbian screenwriter, found his inspiration for the creation of the iconic series “Vruć vetar” (“Hot Wind”), “Porodično blago” (“Family Treasure”), “Agencija za sis” (“Agency for Sis”), who also chose Vlasotince as his place of residence. Few places can boast of people who made us laugh so much, so in this context it is impossible to avoid mentioning the legendary Đoša (Djosha) and Tika Špic (Shpic).

Natural environment, well-equipped swimming area, sports and recreation center and content for young people – Vlasotince has it all. The very popular Quay and the path along the river Vlasina, provide opportunities to participate in numerous activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, fishing, etc.

The municipality of Vlasotince will attend and will represent itself at the Tourism Fair 2023, where they will invite visitors to visit and experience Vlasotince with wine, traditional cuisine and songs. For that, they have at their disposal numerous restaurants and cafes with the bohemian atmosphere and friendly hosts that will make you want to come back to Vlasotince again.