Temerin, a small colorful town that fascinates you with its tranquility, is situated in the south of Bačka by the highway and at the distance of about 20 km from Novi Sad and 80 km from Belgrade, which will be presented to the visitors of this year’s Belgrade Tourism Fair.

When entering the municipality of Temerin you will feel the hospitality of our hardworking residents. As you walk along Temerin, buy in shopping centers, swim in the pool or enjoy besides the river Jegrička you will hear a few different languages. Multiculturalism is an important characteristic of Temerin and the residents are proud of it.

During the last few years Temerin has been considered as a place of rich ethno gastronomic offer. Nowadays, our visitors are especially interested in wine ranches and small private wineries that grow high-quality sorts of grapes which are used for making typical local wines. Namely, a lot of restaurants with authentic Temerin’s specialties and wines from the wineries will make you enjoy all the senses. Besides delicious local cuisine and nice wines, every trip to Temerin means very cheap and qualitative shopping in department stores.

Rich cultural, historical and natural heritage is recognizable in the preserved objects of Sečen’s Palace, an old park around the palace and ethno houses that cherish tradition of the residents of Temerin. The surrounding of Temerin is full of nice places for walking, enjoying at the banks of the river Jegrička and other kinds of active relaxation. Dynamism of the town is reflected in a great number of manifestations and sports events that take place during the whole year.

On the basis of unofficial data Temerin has the longest street in Serbia – Novosadska Street. It is 12,5 kilometers long. When you come from Novi Sad you first enter Bački Jarak, there are 142 house numbers. When you enter Temerin the house numbers start from 2 to 694.

Nature Park – Jegrička

Jegrička is an autochthonous river in Bačka and it is 64,5 km long. It flows through the municipality of Temerin with the length of 18 km which is 28 % of its total length.

Only 2 kilometers from Temerin to the north there is the Informative Center of the Nature Park Jegrička. Its aim is to provide all the necessary information and services to the visitors. The small river Jegrička, a real natural oasis, is a shelter of various protected plant and animal species. The landscapes and Info Center attract more visitors and tourists, eager of natural environment, recreation, peace and quiet on the river bank. You can enjoy walking along the paths of health and bird watching, riding in catamaran, wooden boats, etc. The space of the Info Center is used for different activities, first of all for scientific and research work, presentations of natural goods, educations. Jegrička is on the International List of Important Birds’ habitats (IBA 1997) and it has the international importance as botanical area (IPA 2005)

Manifestation “Prosto ko pasulj”

“Prosto ko pasulj”, a manifestation with long-standing tradition, has become recognizable across Vojvodina. It takes place every June and it is inspired by the culinary tradition. Manifestation has gastronomic, cultural and entertaining character. Every year it gathers an increasing number of visitors and participants that compete in cooking beans. The manifestation “Prosto ko pasulj” also offers the contents such as “The Street of Old Crafts”, “Lowland Games”, the exhibitions of wine and flowers. Those days Temerin prepares the biggest humanitarian lunch with more than 3000 portions of beans. The money goes to those who need help the most. Outdoor concerts during the two festival days satisfy music taste of a few thousands visitors.