Leader in decentralized water purification from filter bottles for consumers to large systems for small towns and manufacturing plants. AQUAPHOR manufacturing, research and development facilities total 53,000 m2, including 51,000 m2 of modern manufacturing in Estonia and 2,000 m2 in Israel. AQUAPHOR products and production facilities have been certified by TUV and SGS since 2006.

AQUAPHOR softeners are an advanced alternative to the classic whole-home water softeners. They show exceptionally efficient operation providing soft, safe water for drinking, cooking, and washing. With soft water, restaurant and hotel appliances live much longer and require fewer detergents. Low salt consumption and a small amount of water needed for regeneration significantly reduce maintenance cost.

Water is the most important ingredient in coffee, and it is responsible for absorbing the extracts from beans and grounds. It is necessary to maintain a high quality of water because even a tiny bit of impurities can crucially change the whole card of coffee flavor.

Small business appliances serve much longer since pure water helps to avoid scaling and rusting. Pipes and plumbing avoid clogging, while dishwashers and washing machines require fewer detergents.

6.2.2023./Exhibitors 2023/