The National Tourism Organization of Serbia will present itself at this year’s International Tourism Fair in Belgrade in Hall 4 of the Belgrade Fair under the slogan “Experience! SERBIA”. How easily the new slogan is applicable to every touristic product and tourist destination, how much it contributes to the better promotion of Serbia, we will discover together at the TOS booth.

During the days of the fair, the culture, art and history of Serbia, the natural beauty of Serbia, as well as numerous events that take place here, will be presented.

This year, again, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia has prepared a large number of activities for visitors of the fair, such as activations of photos to take “SERBIA Experience” and Kaleidoscope, which offers a completely new way of experiencing the destination and the application of new technologies in visual presentation. It will make us in the moment to go away and travel to the most beautiful parts of Serbia in a moment.

The knowledge quiz will provide an opportunity for visitors to check how well they know their own country, to discover details and gain new knowledge. The combination of traditional and modern Serbia will be shown in the ethnic corner through the works of artists who will create ethnic motives on fashion details.

The JP Ski Resorts of Serbia, the Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia, the Ethnographic Museum and the National Association of Managers of Tourist Speleological Facilities of Serbia will also present themselves at the joint booth.

20.2.2023./Exhibitors 2023/